"May Greens" 14"x 18" oil on linen, $4,000 (un-framed)

About Alexey

"Slide" 16"x 20" oil on linen, $5,000 (un-framed)

Born in 1975, Sergiev Posad, Russia. In 2001, Alexey graduated from Faculty of Fine Art and Craft of Moscow Pedagogical University. At that time, He showed his talent in creating poetic art. With excellent skill on brushes, and the ability to capture light, he got famous in Russia fast. Many critics said that Alexey got the spirit of landscape in his paintings like Issac Levitan, who is the most famous Russian landscape painter in 19th. It was the highest praise and the most honorable thing to a landscape painter in Russia. Since 2005, He was honored to join the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and International Federation of Artists. Alexey was invited to over 20 international exhibitions since 2003. Now many of Alexey’s works are in private collections in Russia, Taiwan, North America, and China

Alexey Savchenko

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