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"Summit Day, Everest"  16"x 20"  framed print, $699

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The Cruise, Black Canyon N.P., second free ascent '76 with Glenn Randall

Perilous Journey, near Boulder, CO, '77 second ascent

DNB, Middle Cathedral Rock, Yosemite, '77 solo

Casual Route, Longs Peak, CO, '78 second ascent, solo

Black Elk, Wind River Range, Wyoming, FA '80 with Jeff Lowe

7 Arrows, Chiefshead, Rocky Mountain N.P., FA '80 with John Harlin III

Diagonal Direct, Longs Peak CO, '80 FFA with Jeff Achey

Pale Fire, Moses, Canyonlands N.P., FFA '81 with Chip Chace

In Search Of Suds, Washerwomen Arch, Canyonlands N.P., FA '82 with Glenn Randall

La Dolce Vita, Longs Peak, Colorado, FA '84 with Renato Casarotto

King Of Swords, Longs Peak , Co, second ascent '85 with Jim Surette

Diamond Star Halo, Longs Peak, CO '86 FA with Kyle Copeland, Joe Burke

Zenyatta Entrada, Arches N.P., FA '86

The Promised Land, Canyonlands N.P., FA '88 with Sue Wint

Sunshine Daydream, Death Canyon, The Tetons, FA '89 with Alison Sheets

Flakes Route, Black Canyon N.P., '91 solo

Cerro Cathedral, Torres del Paine N. P. Chile, FA '92 with Catto, Gallagher and Kendall

The Shield, Yosemite, first hammerless ascent, '93 with Will Oxx and Xaxer Bongard

St. Exupery, Aguja Rafeal, and the west face of Poincenot, Patagonia, in 4 days, '95 with Rolando Garibotti

Sunlight Buttress, Kolob Canyons, Zion N.P., '95 FA with Ron Olevsky and Steve Johnson

Torre Norte, El Mocho, Torre de Media Luna. Patagonia, '97 with Steph Davis

Welcome to Patagonia, St. Exupery, Patagonia, FA '99 with Nate Martin

Alpine Climbing Highlights

The High Route, the Tetons, FA '77 with Steve Glenn

Supercouloir, Fitzroy, Patagonia, third ascent, '78 with Mike Munger

Walker Spur, Grande Jorasses, Alps, '79 with Peter Metcalf

The Shroud, Grand Jorasses, Alps, '79 solo

Matterhorn North Face, Switzerland, '79 with Nick Jones

Central Pillar of Freney, Mt. Blanc, Alps, '79 solo

Denali, West Buttress, Alaska, '80 with KC Craig

Bridelveil Falls and Ames Ice Hose, Colorado, '83 solo

Chacraraju Este, Cordillera Blanca, Peru, '85 solo

Bird Brain Boulevard, Ouray, Colorado, FA '86 with Jeff Lowe and Mark Wilford

Cayesh, West Face, Cordillera Blanca, Peru, FA '88 with Jon Arnow

Taulliraju, West Face, Cordillera Blanca, Peru, FA '88 solo

Illimani, West Face, Bolivia, FA Õ88 solo

Sipchu Kang, east summit, Shodu, Bhutan, '91 FA with John Roberson and Frank Babb

Eiger North Face, Direct Route, Switzerland, '92 solo

Slipstream, Canadian Rockies, '92 with Jon Arnow

Mustagh Ata, Xinjiang, China, FA western route, '94 solo

Siguniang Shan, Kham, Tibet, third ascent by new route, '94 solo

Forteleza, ( original route) Torres Del Paine N. P. Chile, '95 solo

Cerro Torre, Compressor Route, Patagonia, '96 with Gregory Crouch

Chola Shan I and II, Kham, Tibet, second ascent and FA '97 solo

Gurla Range, West Tibet, 2 6900 meter peaks, FA '97 with Tom and Quinn Simons and Soren Peters

Erkimkang, Langtang, Nepal, FA '99 solo

Cerro Torre, West Face, Patagonia, 2000, with Jim Surette

Cho Oyu, Original Route, Tibet, 2000 with Laura Bakos

Shishapangma, South Face - British Route, Tibet, 2000 with Christine Boskoff

Everest 2002 Summit as the Mountain Madness expedition leader.

Charlie Fowler was a professional photographer, filmmaker and writer from Norwood, Colorado. A climber for almost 35 years, he ascended many of the world's most difficult peaks. Charlie explored and pioneered new routes on rock, ice and mountains in the Andes, the Himalaya, North America and Europe.

"The final passage on Charlie Fowler's website was typically unadorned in style. On October 3, 2006, he wrote that at the end of the week, I will be traveling to China and Tibet for a two-month exploratory journey. I will be pretty much out of touch so don't bother e-mailing me until sometime in December. He might have the chance to post on his blog, he noted, but even that is unlikely.

A few days later Fowler boarded a plane with his partner, Christine Boskoff, for the rugged mountains of Sichuan Province on the Chinese/Tibetan frontier.

On December 27, a body, mostly buried in snow, was found at the 5,300-meter level on the slopes of Genyen, a 6,000-plus-meter peak in the remote eastern reaches of Sichuan.

The next day, the body. wearing crampons, blue gaiters and gray plastic boots, and bearing an ice axe with a snapped pick. was determined to be Fowler's. The disposition and whereabouts of Boskoff is undetermined, though she is presumed dead. A day later the search was called off due to incoming snow and accompanying avalanche hazard.

That Charlie Fowler would meet his end while doing what he loved is no huge surprise given the sheer volume of his climbing. At age 52, he'd racked up three and a half decades of it, and had carried his quiet air of a seasoned survivor from hard rock to the high-risk games of alpine climbing and soloing.

Says Mike Benge, who penned the only profile ever written of Fowler, Charlie was as close as anyone to the 365-day-per-year climber. He got in more pitches, peaks and trips than anybody I know. He was in the same league as someone like Alex Lowe. (Lowe died in an avalanche in 1999.)

Some of Fowler's most noteworthy ascents were with no rope: he soloed David Breashears' technical Eldo scarefest Perilous Journey (5.11d X), the loose Flakes Route (5.10) on the 1,500-foot walls of the Black Canyon, and the 1,800-meter Direct North Face of the Eiger. Fowler's more conventional climbing resume is mind-blowing, 8,000-meter peaks like Everest without oxygen (and without actually using an ice axe), 5.13 rock, hard bouldering, A4 big walls and myriad first ascents: free, aid, ice and alpine.

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"Tibetan Dancers"  16"x 20"  framed print, $699

Charlie's Rockclimbing Highlights

Charlie Fowler