​Gallery VII  Fine Art

Born in 1992, in Kishinau, Moldova.

 Since she was a child, she loves to paint everything, special flowers and animals. She develop her skill and studied in art school at 11 years old. In art school she met her mentor, master Stanislav Babiu. At that time, she got Russian style training from her mentor. She absorbed the advantages of Russian master, Iliya Repin, Valentine Serov, and Nikolay Fechin. She decided to went to Repin Academy of Art ( Imperial Academy of Arts), St. Petersburg for complete academic training.

 Elena is good at sketching people. She can capture the character’s mood and emotion. She participated in a lot of exhibitions in Moldova and Russia. Her works are now in private collection in Moldova, Russia, Taiwan, Romania, Italy and North America.

Elena Bria

"Lenae"  8"x 10" charcoal on paper, $700

"Maria"  8"x 10" charcoal on paper, $700

About Elena

"Lenae"  8"x 10" charcoal on paper, $700

"Andrei"  12"x 16" charcoal on paper, $850