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"Goodbye Blue Sky"

Born in Colorado, Emily spent much of her childhood in the San Francisco area and began her world travels as a teenager.  As a young adult, she became a self-described gypsy and now dedicates her life to working and traveling around the world in over 25 countries. Exploration and immersion in new environments is key to Nemec's artistry and body of work and trip to East Asia in 2013 inspired her to take her love of photography to the next level. Recently she relocated from Melbourne, Australia and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. When asked about her motivation to devote herself to photography, Nemec refers to her childhood where her love of taking pictures originated. "When I look at the world through a lens, I get to be that kid again," said Nemec. She began to realize that the many differences among people and cultures can, when shared through photographs, increase understanding and promote unity. "I feel a sense of privilege when I am witnessing a moment in life that deepens my understanding and exposes a reality that does not belong to me,” she said. "I believe it is the duty of each one of us to broaden each other's horizons, and the best way I know how to fulfill that duty is to share those moments."

"The Kids are Alright"

"Black Hole Sun"


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"Silk Degrees"

"The Crownless again will be Kings"

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