​Gallery VII  Fine Art

Jeff Legg

"After the Storm"  8"x 6" oil, $800

"Decay"  12"x 9" oil, $2300

"Flowing Through"  20"x 20" oil, $4000

"Dusk"  9"x 12" oil, $1800

"Sentinel"  12"x 9" oil, $2300

"Elegant Horn"  20"x 24" oil on panel, $9,200

"Winter Heights"  5"x 5" oil, $375

"Brass Bucket"  20"x 20" oil on panel, $10,800

"Masterful" is a word often used to describe the paintings of Jeff C. Legg. Born in 1959 in Joplin , Missouri. He was apprentice to a well-known regional artist and college art professor by the age of 12.  This relationship laid the foundation for his painting and drawing skills. He later went on to study at Atelier Lack and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

His luminous oils have established national recognition and garnered numerous awards since he began painting full-time at age 30. Legg is recognized as a Master Signature member by the "Oil Painters of America." His work can be seen in distinguished galleries across the United States and is highly sought after and collected in America and abroad. He has been written up in American Art Collector magazine, The Artists Magazine and North Light Books to name a few, as well as being featured on the cover of Southwest Art and Art of the West magazines.

“I must diligently search my heart to find out what really moves and captivates me. Truth is the essential ingredient in making art. The human soul is hopelessly bound to express it.” _Jeff Legg

Mr. Legg resides in the Northwest Arkansas Ozark mountains where he paints daily in his studio.

"Last Light"  9"x 12" oil, $2300

About Jeff

"Moraine Cascade"  8"x 10" oil, $1950

"Endo Valley Storm"  9"x 12" oil, $1800

"Avalanche Country"  8"x 8" oil, $1500

"Illumination"  36"x 24" oil on linen, $23,400

"Saint Malo Sunset"  14"x 11" oil, $2000