"Ice Out at Chasm Lake"  48"x 48" oil, $22,000

Ralph Oberg

"Winter into Spring"  10"x 12" oil, $1900

About Ralph

Ralph Oberg is the embodiment of a free spirit. He finds himself most at home not in the flood of civilization but in the quiet, self-sustaining wilderness, surrounded by rugged mountains, wide-open spaces, and native flora and fauna.

Stifled by more traditional workspaces and pursuits, Oberg is continuously compelled to feed his sense of adventure. Hiking, climbing, and simply absorbing the outdoors are integral to Oberg’s sense of self and to his drive to create. He channels this passion for adventure into his artwork, and it is revealed in the wild animals, vast landscapes, and brilliant light that characterize his settings. Through his art, Oberg wants to share his deep love of the natural world. “It’s one of the greatest gifts we have,” he says. “I want to remind people that we still have a beautiful world, and we need to take care of it.” Personally invested in helping to preserve and sustain the environment, Oberg has been active with various environmental groups for more than four decades. He has donated original paintings and prints to such groups as the Audubon Society, Ducks Unlimited, the Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to help in their fundraising efforts.

Both adventurer and artist from the very beginning, Oberg never doubted the path he wanted to follow in life. He speaks of discovering his dharma, or singular path in life, at a very young age—a find that gave him the confidence to pursue his passions. “My life and my art are one,” Oberg explains. “I knew I’d be an artist by high school and immediately began to merge my love of the mountain wilderness and the paintings inspired by those wilderness experiences. That has not changed. The peace and joy I still get by pursuing wilderness experiences, from Arizona to Alaska and from Colorado to California and Canada, fulfills my spiritual and personal life and allows me to gather the study paintings and photographs that I use to produce the art that, I hope, communicates some of that joy to others.

"Evening Light, McClure Pass"  10"x 12" oil, $1900

​Gallery VII  Fine Art

"Colorado's Highest"  24"x 28" oil, $6500

"Echos of the Past"  11"x 14" oil, $2000